About Us


The CSMRE’s  Leadership is committed to bringing our mission and goals to life.

George Cunningham
George Cunningham
Professor, Health & Kinesiology
Director, Center for Sport Management Research & Education
Marlene Dixon
Marlene Dixon
Professor, Division of Sport Management
Assistant Director, Center for Sport Management Research & Education


Affiliated Faculty Members

The CSMRE also boasts a comprehensive set of Affiliated Faculty Members. They are regarded as expert researchers and teachers in their respective fields.

  • Paul Batista (Health and Kinesiology)
  • Natasha Brison (Health and Kinesiology)
  • Stephen Courtright (Management)
  • Jennifer Doleac (Economics)
  • John Eliot (Health Kinesiology)
  • Jennifer Ganz (Educational Psychology)
  • Shane Hudson (Health and Kinesiology)
  • Paul Keiper (Health and Kinesiology)
  • Hyun-Woo Lee (Health and Kinesiology)
  • Tim Lightfoot (Health and Kinesiology)
  • Reuben May (Sociology)
  • Corliss Outley (Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences)
  • Jim Petrick (Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences)
  • Alison Pittman (College of Nursing)
  • Andy Pittman (Health and Kinesiology)
  • Adam Seipp (History)
  • Michael Shaub (Accounting)
  • John Singer (Health and Kinesiology)
  • Rebecca Schlegel (Psychological and Brain Sciences)
  • J.O. Spengler (Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences)
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