Sport is pervasive in American society. Millions of Americans avidly participate in recreational sports and athletics, while millions more follow sports as fans and spectators. In fact, the sport industry is big business, generating $74 billion in 2019, pointing to sport’s influence in society. Unfortunately, as the sport industry has experienced vast and rapid growth, the problems and issues involving sport have multiplied. One particular area in which the sport and athletic industries have suffered major tribulations is in the management of sport.

Many of the current problems associated with the management of sport have resulted from a lack of training and education offered of sport executives. Recently, however, more enlightened thinking suggests that administrators of sport organizations be trained in the management of sport. Fortunately, from an academic perspective, these calls for an increase in the training and education of sport managers have not gone unanswered. In fact, the study of sport management has recently grown to record numbers, as over 450 U.S. universities now offer a degree in the management of sport.

Despite the recent growth of sport management as an academic discipline, research and educational activities in the field are still developing. Thus, despite the enormous need to produce and disseminate research and appropriate knowledge regarding the management of sport to practitioners and aspiring practitioners throughout the world, few institutions currently sponsor a research and education center focused on the enhancement of sport management.

Texas A&M University supports interdisciplinary faculty and staff expertise in departments and colleges across campus with an interest in sport management. Furthermore, Texas A&M University has a strong and diverse sport management faculty in the Department of Health and Kinesiology, and the expertise of numerous experienced athletic administrators, coaches, and staffers in the Department of Athletics. The proximity of major professional sport franchises and other major college sport programs also provides the proposed Center with numerous opportunities for collaboration and insight from experienced practitioners away from the Texas A&M University campus.

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